Career Development

Professional Development Program

In this two-day professional development program, Tim takes golf course superintendents, assistants, and interns through classroom, on-course, and boardroom scenarios designed to provide and recreate real-life interview experiences.

For superintendents and assistant superintendents looking to advance in the profession, the ASPIRE Higher® program provides a brief one-on-one opportunity to hone personal and professional skills while gaining an expert’s outlook that has been cultivated over years in the industry. The program includes:

Interview and Communication Techniques

  • Review principles of networking
  • Dress for success
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Proper interview presentation
  • Pre- and post-interview action items

Leadership Training

Honing relationships with members, owners, and employees depends on good communication skills. ASPIRE has decades of experience in staff training, teamwork, and goal setting.

On-Course Walk Around

The on-course component teaches participants to take a 360-degree approach to looking at a golf course.

  • Most frequently asked agronomic questions
  • Decorum and behavior on the golf course
  • Off-limit topics
  • Preparing for success during this portion of the interview process


At every level, job candidates need an effective and current resume. It is one of the candidate’s most valuable sales tools. Getting the resume out to the industry is critical and the first step in success networking. ASPIRE Golf will cover:

  • Resume review and refinement
  • Develop effective and targeted cover letters
  • Portfolio do’s and don’ts
  • Virtual interviews

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