Golf Course Conditioning and Turf Management

Science, settings, and nature are factored into the creation of programs for achieving optimal golf course conditioning. Working hand-in-hand with the golf course superintendent, ASPIRE Golf develops realistic action plans that fit designated goals and budgets of each golf facility.

Golf Course Superintendent Recruiting

Through a proprietary search and recruitment process ASPIRE Golf identifies the best candidates for the position, based on Tim’s familiarity and knowledge of geographic regions, the industry, and labor pool. Club management and the search committees deal directly with Tim, who aids in executing the process, including review and refinement of the job description and benefits package, pre-qualification and interviews of candidates, conduct of on-course tours with each of the final candidates, and facilitation of the formal interview process.

Golf Course Capital Improvement Projects

At one time or another, most golf courses undergo some form of renovation. The program may include rebuilding bunkers, re-constructing greens or tees, laying new cart paths or re-contouring fairways. ASPIRE has the experience and know-how to accomplish these projects so the golf course crew can continue to maintain the golf course and provide a quality playing experience. Identifying appropriate contractors, establishing budgets, overseeing the work schedule and progress are all tasks that may be assumed by Aspire. In order to achieve success, fiscal accountability and results are paramount. ASPIRE ensures that systems and processes are in place to make its clients successful…and the results, stellar

Long-Range Planning

To ensure the continued success of clients’ golf courses and to highlight their designs, ASPIRE Golf prepares long-range plans. All playing features of the golf course are addressed in detail, as are future maintenance needs and capital expenditures.

Tournament Planning and Preparation

From securing the most appropriate event suited to the venue, to developing an operations preparation program, ASPIRE takes event planning from concept to execution. Depending on the golf course, the magnitude of the event and impact on the venue, ASPIRE provides a full realm of support services.

Equipment and Maintenance Facility Evaluation

ASPIRE takes a hands-on role in evaluating and organizing facilities, reviewing space allocations, access, storage, environmental implications, and staffing. Reports include an equipment inventory and evaluation, quality and quantity rating, consideration of championship and tournament needs.

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